Mother and Calf Moose by Gary Gray
Mother and nursing calf

I’ve been working diligently on my web sites these past few days. Holed up in my office, listening to Progressive Rock on the internet radio.

My website editing workflow, I’ve discovered, is based on my experience in the newspaper world. It am certain it’s subconscious but I find I take the same approach to publishing my web site changes that I used when working at “The Diary of the American Dream”

Everything laid out in advance, editing done, changes made, publish the first edition and then start looking for problems. In the newspaper days, we would issue updates to the pages in spurts, calling them “chasers”

I’ve done the publishing of the base editions and now I’m in “chaser” mode, making fine tune tweaks to the pages.

Here’s what I’m working on today. A couple of image galleries on Image Colorado have been added.  2017 highlights and 2017 moose photos.