Wildlife Wednesday

Colorado Wildlife. Chipmunk Perched on a Pine Log in the Rocky Mountains

Happy Wildlife Wednesday.

I thought I’d go with something a little smaller this week. The good ole’ chipmunk.

I got this photo sitting on the deck of the cabin one day a few years ago. The chipmunks were living in my firewood pile and from time to time they would get brave and show themselves. This fellow was quite brave, thus he got his picture taken.

I’ve been hunkered down in the office the past few days getting new stock photo accounts going. Five in total, that brings my agency list up to 10 stock photo sites. Some of these are in Europe so I don’t expect a lot of activity from them. But, as I always say, “If your photos aren’t earning money, they are worthless.” If I can get $100 a year from them, that’s $500 more than I’d have earned sitting on my butt.

Not that I don’t sit on my butt. Getting stock sites online requires quite a bit of butt time. Here in the office.

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