What More Could An Old Fart Ask For?

Screen Capture of Video Editing Software

Snow, snow, snow.  It’s not that deep but it has been snowing for two days now. As a result, I’ve been working on tutorial videos in the office these past two days.  The learning curve hasn’t been that steep.  Mostly, the curve has been about learning how to use the software.

I finalized my video editor to a program called OpenShot, which is freeware and fairly basic. A bit like Apple’s iMovie, with a few less templates and frills. I’ve never been one for going for canned effects, so I’ll create most of my content from scratch without having to make something that looks like something else you’d find out there.

I tried scripting my audio, which as it turns out, is giving unimpressive results. I speak too mechanically when reading from a script. My voice is too paced and lacks emotive flux or something like that. I think I prefer to just “wing it” with the commentary. I’ve found it easier to simply record video clips, play them back and then record voice overs.

For the audio, I tried Windows voice recorder, which is too simple and lacks some of the tools I need so I did another web search and found a program called Audacity, which is another open source product. It has more to offer, with a lot of filters, meters and editing capacity, so I’ve been doing the voice overs with much better results.

I’m about 50% done with my second tutorial on Key-wording image files in Adobe Lightroom for stock photography. Today’s image is a screen capture of the video editing software in action.

I’ve decided to put my videos on my YouTube channel as the main streaming host. I’ve been using YouTube sporadically for over 10 years, but I’ve never really organized it for anything creative. The ultimate idea would be to monetize my tutorials and maybe make a little spare change and YouTube has that capability.

If you have any suggestions for a Tutorial you’d like to see, send me an email. That’s what I’ll be doing this winter. Making tutorials for Lightroom and Photoshop.

So, another cup of coffee, a hand full of video and audio clips to record, a nice winter view out the window and some jazz playing on the radio. I’m on my way to another great day here in Littleton.

What more could an old fart ask for?