What Day Is It? Whoop Whoop!

Colorado Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep in the Wild.

I’ve been pushing hard going through my photo catalogs, mining stock photos.

Today, I’ve crested the hill, the personal goal of having 3,000 stock photos before the end of the year.

Today is Wednesday.

Hump Day!

This is my 3,000th stock photograph and I’ve cleared the hump. The rest of the year is a piece of cake.

Somebody out there will eventually be looking for a nice photo of a bighorn ram and will drop some change into my coffee can for this shot. Someone else will do it too. Eventually, it may make me ten, twenty dollars, who knows, maybe more.

That’s a twenty dollars that didn’t exist yesterday. All I had to do was upload it.

Whoop Whoop!

It’s Hump Day!