Photo of a snot covered bison
American Bison Getting a Taste of Winter


Happy Saturday.

Kicking back, doing a little yard work this weekend. Going to be heading back up to the moose early next week so nothing really new to show you at the moment. I’m staying cool, drinking lots of liquids and spending more time in front of the computer as a result.

You’re stuck with this shot today. I’m true to my spirit of continuing to regularly post an image. Some are better than others but that applies to about everything.

The drawback is I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about articles in this mode. Those thoughts come more frequently when I’m hobnobbing with other humans.

I’m working in the Bison catalog at the moment. Most of the images are fairly repetitive so I picked out a more interesting photo. I may have posted this before, but if you’ve been following me for any length of time, you’ll know that I don’t leave photographs hanging out on the Internet for any extended period of time. Since I rely on memory to decide if I’ve shown an image in the past, well, my memory says this one was shown a long time ago and well, it’s worth showing again.

As for being at the computer more, it leads my mind astray on occasion. I start reading news and other websites, posting more on Facebook and engaging my thoughts on current events. Not that my opinion is significant, not that most of the news is significant. I normally prefer to get my consumer news at the super-market checkout. Editing photographs is significant, for me. I look at it as getting stuff done while I goof off.

I’m unrepentant.