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Lions at the Denver Zoo

Working on updates to the web sites today. Trying to avoid the television news, the never ending political talk has worn a hole in my brain.

Look for photo albums here soon. I’ve got a catalog set up in Lightroom and I’m working on a base presentation. I need to test it well though, as I intend to use it as the template for future presentations.

Did my normal rounds of the Internet Photography Web Sites today. I try to keep up with what’s new but mostly what I find out is that I’m not what’s new. I don’t buy gear every week, I don’t do that much horse-trading these days as I’ve pretty much got the camera kit I want to use. Until something breaks down, I don’t really need new stuff.

So, what’s in your kit Gary? (I thought I’d never ask)

Who cares. I shoot Nikon.

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