Travel Thursday

Cape Meares Lighthouse on the Pacific Coast of Oregon.

Happy Travel Thursday.

Rather than just throw a photo up, I thought I’d do a bit of story telling to go with the photo. Maybe it’ll give you a brief distraction from hunkering down.

In 2013, Trudy and I did a road trip from San Francisco to Seattle together. The primary stopping points along the route were the different lighthouses scattered along the US Pacific Coast from Pigeon Point near San Francisco and north along the coast.

One of the stops was at a place called Cape Mears, just west of Tillamook, Oregon. We met up with a Facebook friend who lives in Portland named Jackie. We hooked up at this lighthouse and spent the afternoon eating Pizza and taking photographs. It was one of many interesting days we had on that trip and Jackie is a wonderful and interesting lady.

Today’s photo is one of the shots I got that day. Cape Meares is a Oregon state park and open to the public. A very easy lighthouse to get to and photograph. The scenery is also beautiful there.

Interestingly, our entire road trip was done under clear blue skies. Something that isn’t all that common along the coast of the Pacific Northwest. We never saw a cloud in the sky until we got to Seattle. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Seattle and not been rained on. It is what it is.

As for Jackie, she’s still a friend (both personally and on Facebook) and I wanted to give her a shout out because I bummed her out a little bit when I had to cancel our scheduled moose trip this summer due to the pandemic in progress.

You can take a look at Jackie’s photography by clicking here.