Things Grind To A Halt

Union Pacific #844 in Northern Colorado

My plans have changed.

In a perfect world I would be in Kentucky right now, visiting with family, friends and doing a bit of Kentucky horse photography.

The problem of course is in my back, which still hasn’t returned to normal from a recent injury.  The doctor will be taking a look at it later today. In the meantime, I’ll have to scale back my ambitions.

Tuesday is “Train Tuesday”, so here’s a photograph taken several years ago of the Union Pacific #844 moving across the prairie near Nunn, Colorado. Union Pacific is going to be running this steam locomotive along with the recently rebuilt “Big Boy” from Cheyenne to Ogden, UT this coming weekend. If the back is up to it, I’ll make the trip up to Wyoming to photograph them both as they move along Southern Wyoming.

The trip to Kentucky will have to wait until later this year.  There’s no time to do it this Spring. We have to get the cabin open in the upcoming weeks and we are doing some renovations this year.  New windows, carpet, appliances.

If the back heals, I’ll be able to enjoy all of that.  If not, things grind to a halt.

Stay tuned.