The Doings of Man and Nature

Daybreak in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. Blanca Peak in the Background

With the manifestation of bizarro world and the world-wide Covid-19 virus panic, it seems like a good time to concentrate on working in the office, editing images, cleaning up the computer drives, things like that.

Our family is fine, at the moment. We take these things quite seriously with Trudy’s 92 year old mother living with us and a couple of friends staying with us while recovering from a serious (non virus related) medical procedure. Hunkered down here in Littleton.

Looks like all the plans for photography related trips may well be placed on hold if the government and medical industry can’t get a handle on medical supplies and response in the short term. There seems to be a shortage of solutions but no shortage on advice. I’ll spare you any advice I might offer other than to be careful and take care of yourself and loved ones.

Today’s photo was taken last week on my trip to the San Luis Valley to photograph the Sandhill Cranes near Monte Vista, Colorado. It reminds me that a new day always dawns and that the beauty of the world will remain despite the doings of man and nature.

Stay healthy. Stay happy.

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