The Best Moose is the One You Have With You

Moose Near A Pond
Shiras Moose of the Colorado Rocky Mountains

Now that I’ve returned from a successful and probably final moose photography outing in Northern Colorado this year, I’m sifting through and editing some 3,500 or so fresh images of these amazing creatures.

As with any photographic subject, one can find a number of different attitudes and views among friends and acquaintances.

One reoccurring attitude I experience in the field is the desire to photograph mainly large bulls with big antlers and that younger less developed bulls, cows and calves are looked upon as less desired subjects.

I don’t share that view of the road when photographing wildlife. My intention is to capture images of all the animals I encounter in their environment and their state of development. All moose are cool to me. I’m not going to shoot the big bulls and hang their heads on my wall. I want photographs that depict the diversity of the species and the reality of their existence.

The reality for me is…

The best moose is the one you have with you.