Taking Stock

I’ve been a little bit side-tracked this week and haven’t given the blog much attention. Life does that sometimes.

Everything is going well though.

I have been editing more moose photos for the stock catalogs the past few days. I set a goal of having a minimum of 4,000 images online by the end of 2020. I’m well ahead of that pace and here it is only the end of January. My current tally is 3,740 images online. That leaves me a grand total of 260 photographs to add to the portfolio by the end of this year. I love being ahead of the game. You’d be hard pressed to look for a moose photo on any stock agency and not find my moose showing up. But, i’m not just uploading moose photos, though they are a big part of my sales catalogs. Actually, the vintage train shots are generating the best sales at the moment. The real trick to stock is to find the types of images that people are looking for and work on improving your presence with those kind of shots.

I recently added some new Bison photos, which do pretty well. I need to get out again and get more of those, they are good sellers.

My next photo trip will probably be to Monte Vista in March to photograph the Sandhill Cranes. Last year’s trip sucked, so did the year before, but for different reasons. Last year was bad weather, the year before was automotive failure. These things happen. I feel like I haven’t got a full session completed in several years and I do get bites on the Sandhill Crane photos. Enough sales at least to cover the expenses of the trip, which isn’t that much.

One of my favorite pastimes at the moment is wheeling and dealing with used photography equipment. Sorta fills in the gaps of the long, dreary, photography challenged winter days. This has been an extremely boring winter so far, with zero snowfall in January, so I’m not out getting winter landscapes like I had hoped to do. Good thing winter lasts until May, so there is plenty of time to catch up.

I have a few articles in progress, but I’m not really feeling the mojo on them yet so they’ll sit there in the draft folder until I find the motivation, thoughts and words to complete them. This writing business is a challenge at times. I think I do best when I have more social interaction, which isn’t really robust in the winter months. I get these great ideas for writing about something but by the time I sit at the computer and lay out the brilliant thoughts I had, the completed ideas elude me. I used to carry around a small notebook to write my ideas in to keep that from happening. I probably should get back in the habit of keeping that notebook handy if I intend to write my self imposed quota of words each day. My quota is a minimum of 500 words a day. Judging by the count on this blog post, I’ve achieved my goal for today.