Happy Moose Monday

A new week dawns and Monday is the day I share a moose photo.

Taken in 2017 while on a trip with a couple of friends. I’m guessing they both have this same photo. I always find it startling when I watch a calf nurse on its mother. The calf puts a lot of force on those sucks and the mom always stands there patiently like nothing is happening. When it comes to getting to the good stuff, the calves don’t take no for an answer.

Monte Vista After Action Report

Sandhill Cranes during the Spring migration in Monte Vista, Colorado.

I’ve returned from Monte Vista, CO where I photographed the Sandhill Crane migration with my friend Jim.

I’ll call it a successful photography trip this year, after two straight years of frustrating results. We got four sessions and a bit of exploring in on this trip.

There was a decent bird count, but the cranes were not showing up in their normal locations. Reason unknown. But, with a little perseverance and effort, we managed to get a good handle on what they were doing and the end result for me was a whopping 7,000 or so images. I don’t recall ever taking that many photos on a bird trip before, but then again I didn’t have a camera that shot at 10 frames per second. The D500 did a pretty good job and I’ve been slowly weeding down the photos and making selections of the best efforts.

Despite the constant news of the pandemic, there were a good number of photographers and birders in the area this year. It was nice to get out and away from the television and not having to hear about the constant news.

As for the birds, my primary mission this year was to get “birds in flight” shots, however, there were opportunities to get behavioral photos at close range, so I’m sure I’ll have quite a few images to select from as I move through the editing process.

For now, I’ll be secluded in the office for a few days going over the results and adding to the stock photography portfolio.

It’s good to be home.