Dusty Ride in a 4×4

The Shafer Trail, near Moab, Utah.

The pace of life has accelerated this past week.

I’ve officially been anointed as a Staff Writer at Fstoppers and my first article is in the works.

The idea of working a real job is slightly disconcerting to me, as I’ve made it a point to answer to nobody the past 14 years. But, the folks I’ve been introduced to all seem a good sort, so I think I can manage the change of pace.

In the meantime, I’ve been getting out shooting a bit more lately. Always a good idea to keep the skills from garnering a layer of rust.

Today’s “Scenic Saturday” image was taken near Moab, Utah several years ago. I’ve actually driven that trail. It’s a fun, if not dusty ride in a 4×4.

Wednesday’s Photograph

Sunset on the windows section of arches national park
Arches National Park, Utah

I’m still holed up in my office working on Internet stuff but this warm weather is calling me to get outside.

I’ve started a new project helping a blind friend build a website and that to me seems more important at the moment than more photos of Blue Heron.  I have photos of Blue Heron.

I’ll be patient until spring is in full swing.