Sheep Sunday

Adult Bighorn Ram in Spring

I’m playing with the idea of not posting photos directly to Facebook and instead putting them on my blog and then posting the link on Facebook. A technical matter, designed to keep the management of my photos more simple. I’ve realized that I’m leaving images hanging out on Facebook far too long and that is a source of constant photo theft.

Yet, I don’t want to give up sharing my images as I have been over the years.

Photographs are meant to be seen. I know too many people who never show you the photos they take.

Their business though.

This is mine.

What Day Is It? Whoop Whoop!

Colorado Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep in the Wild.

I’ve been pushing hard going through my photo catalogs, mining stock photos.

Today, I’ve crested the hill, the personal goal of having 3,000 stock photos before the end of the year.

Today is Wednesday.

Hump Day!

This is my 3,000th stock photograph and I’ve cleared the hump. The rest of the year is a piece of cake.

Somebody out there will eventually be looking for a nice photo of a bighorn ram and will drop some change into my coffee can for this shot. Someone else will do it too. Eventually, it may make me ten, twenty dollars, who knows, maybe more.

That’s a twenty dollars that didn’t exist yesterday. All I had to do was upload it.

Whoop Whoop!

It’s Hump Day!

Photographers Photograph and Writers Write

I am back to photographic action this week after a short hiatus.

I find that my propensity to write articles is closely related to my propensity to take photographs.

The two main subjects this month and probably through the end of the year are Deer and Bighorn.

One of the things the wildlife photographer is after is capturing animal behavior in the animal’s natural environment. Bighorn Sheep are rutting right now, so early November in Colorado is a prime time for witnessing these powerful animals. When it comes to bighorn sheep, there are certain shots I try to get. One always wants to see the nice big rams with their curled horns. Combat between rams competing with one another for mating rights, and of course that actual animal courtship/mating shots.

I’ve noticed that  some folks are embarrassed or reluctant to accept mating shots, but these types of images are not all that easy to get. As a photographer, I live for them and when I get them, I’m always pleased to add them to the portfolio and share them with my audience.

I was out and about with a friend this past week for Bighorn and we came upon a small herd of about 14 or so animals. There were two very nice, mature rams among a group of ewes and younger rams, so mating behavior was full tilt boogie.

And yes, I was able to capture a complete sequence of a mature ram mating with a ewe and quite a lot more activity. It’s moments like I experienced on this recent outing that inspire me to write.

This is what life is about for me right now. Here are a few photos from this week’s outing. I hope those of you who may never be able to see this happen in person can enjoy seeing the product of my obsessions.

Photographers photograph and writers write.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Photograph of two bighorn rams in Colorado.
The mutual admiration of two bighorn rams.

Life’s adventures continue here in Colorado.

I spent the earlier part of this past week in Red Feathers finishing up the cabin work and there is more to do. I came to a screeching halt when I acquired a nasty head cold, from which I’m still recovering.

I used the down-time to consolidate my backups. After last month’s hard drive crash, I came to the realization that I have a boat load of image files on the computer and that my backup strategy was a little too haphazard to be effective. I’ve since picked up an external SATA hard disk drive docking station, which allows me to simply use 3.5 inch SATA drives connected to the computer via a USB 3.0 connection as backup devices. I have 10 of them now filled with everything I have on the computer. 10 Terabytes of image files requires a bit of storage space. I even created a complete clone of my boot drive along with the operating system and personal files, so if I have a drive failure, I can just swap a hard drive and I’m back up and running in minutes.

Job done.

On my Facebook photography group, North American Nature, Wildlife and Landscape Photographers Association, it is “Sheep Sunday” so I elected to use this photo for the group and blog entry today.

I think it’s a nice head shot of two mature bighorn sheep rams, and is a different take from the tons of photos I normally get.

As the old saying goes. Variety is the spice of life.