Photographers Photograph and Writers Write

I am back to photographic action this week after a short hiatus. I find that my propensity to write articles is closely related to my propensity to take photographs. The two main subjects this month and probably through the end of the year are Deer and Bighorn. One of the things the wildlife photographer is…

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Life’s adventures continue here in Colorado. I spent the earlier part of this past week in Red Feathers finishing up the cabin work and there is more to do. I came to a screeching halt when I acquired a nasty head cold, from which I’m still recovering. I used the down-time to consolidate my backups….

Rocky Mountain High

Back to the summit this morning. My main mission was Rocky Mountain Goats, however, the goats were scarce. I had to settle for the bighorn instead. Beautiful morning on the mountain though. The clouds were blowing through fast and wafting below the summit of Mt. Evans.  All in all, it was a productive morning.  

Holy Grail Photographs

In wildlife photography we look for what could be called “Holy Grail” photos. I think that phrase is over-used, but the fact remains. We look for specific types of behavioral scenes to photograph. In this case, the bighorn ram fight scene. I’ve seen this combat several times over the years. It isn’t hard to observe…

Sheep Sunday

The rain is still coming down. No worries, I’m still heading out later this afternoon to finish up the cabin work. I’ll take the camera gear and maybe I’ll find something when the rain stops. If not, I’ll enjoy the quiet of the mountains for a day or two. I hope everyone is having a…