Happy Train Tuesday

Union Pacific #844 in Northern Colorado

Keeping a positive outlook towards life here in Colorado.

Today’s photograph is a shot of the Union Pacific #844 cruising through Northern Colorado in 2009. Time and trains fly when you are having fun.

Keep on keeping on folks. This business isn’t going to last forever. Your job, survive it.

Train Tuesday

It’s Train Tuesday. I love Train Tuesday.

I’ve been performing the lens micro focus calibration for all my lenses on the Nikon D500.

The D500 has an automatic calibration sequence that seems to work fairly well. Unlike other camera bodies that require a series of photos to be taken of a subject with different micro adjustments, the D500 does this automatically (sorta) using live view and a two button push. One still needs to do about 15 of these adjustments and average them to get a good result. Honestly, the manual way is much faster. I had one lens, my Sigma 105mm macro, which simply failed every time I tried to do the automatic procedure. It’s an older lens and it’s a Sigma, so I have to conclude that something in the lens electronics doesn’t play well with the Nikon body. The manual calibration went smoothly and it’s about where I expected it to be.

So, next thing, we test these lenses in the real world on real subject and see how I did. I’ve never had much trouble getting this technical task done.

Meanwhile, enjoy the train photo. Taken in the Chama railyard of the Cumbres & Toltec NGRR several years ago.

A Very Good Point Indeed

Photograph of the Durango & Silverton NGRR on a snowy mountain
Steam Locomotive chugs up a snowy mountain

I’ve been steadily working on converting all the video I’ve accumulated over the years into master high definition edits for future use and storage.

Temperatures have risen to the upper 40’s and the 13 inches of ice we’ve had on the ground and just about everything else, is beginning to melt off.

Today is “Train Tuesday” so my photo selection for this day is a winter scene of the Durango & Silverton NGRR. I took the shot from the rear platform of the last car of the train as we wound up a mountain pass. I always try to sit in the last car, just for shots like this.

Today is also my 62nd birthday. Not much in the way of celebrating and such, we are content to enjoy the private time and acknowledge my well wishing friends. As a child and younger man, I never dreamed of reaching this age. Now that I’m here, I struggle to acknowledge the many years that have passed. Watching old videos from the 80’s and 90’s drives home the point.

No serious regrets though. Yeah, I made my share of mistakes, but I know who I am and what I am and I’m a pretty decent person. I wouldn’t change much of anything, as my previous actions in life have led me to this point.

In my aging, I have found all the things I hoped to have found as a younger man. I have a nice home, reliable transportation, many good friends, general health (no death sentences yet anyway) and most importantly, a wife and best friend in Trudy. The last 15 years have been happiest days of my life, and I am living in the now.

A very good point indeed.