Moose Monday

Colorado Rocky Mountains – Shiras Moose in the Wild

Not much happening these days now that we are holed up at home waiting for the global crisis to subside. That won’t keep me from posting my weekly moose photo. I have enough moose images to post a different shot every day for the next 20 years. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but it is a thing.

I hope all of you are faring well and that we can be through with this business sooner rather than later.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy.

Happy Moose Monday

Moose in Colorado
Colorado Rocky Mountains – Shiras Moose in the Wild

I’ve been editing Sandhill Crane photos for the past few days and to be honest, I’m getting tired of looking at birds. Today’s welcome diversion is selecting a photo for Moose Monday.

I’ve cleaned the camera gear, organized the kit, edited photos and I’m ready to begin a new week. Not sure what I’ll be up to this week but I hope to get outdoors and fire off a few frames.

Have a great week.

Moose Monday

Happy Moose Monday!

Another week down, another week closer to spring.

A bit of snow moved through the front range yesterday. It concerns me a little bit, as last year a snow storm and major freeze hit the Monte Vista area about a week before my sandhill crane trip and it was bad enough to send most of the birds packing. Here we are this year and it’s a week before my same scheduled trip and what do we get?

Can’t control the weather.