Web Sites Update

I’ve begun restructuring my web sites.

Image Colorado – The Blog (this blog) has been reconfigured on a new server as my official “Image Colorado” page now and it will no longer be a featured section of the original website. The original version has been retired. Image Colorado will be a photography blog with articles and short stories.

Now that I’ve officially retired from hosting photographic workshops and photo tours, my website “Colorado Photo Tours” is also going to be retired. Anything I do in the future will be advertised on one of my other sites.

I’ll also be updating my Gray Photography website to reflect my current ambitions with photography. I’ll probably be adding online print sales and links to my blog and stock photo offerings.

I’ll be doing more writing in the future. A passion I’ve always had and this is where my online presence is focused.

More information will follow as I progress.

Thanks for reading.

It’s A Beautiful Day

Photograph of mountain goats
Mother and Child Watch The Colorado Sunrise at 14,000 Feet

I think the term “New Old Stock” applies here. This is a never before edited or shown photograph from 2017.

Mountain goats can be found on a number of Colorado’s mountain peaks and the most notable is Mt. Evans, about 50 miles west of Denver. It’s a prominent peak seen along the front range near Denver.

I normally try to get up the mountain in mid June through July when the opportunities present themselves. Sometimes alone, sometimes with friends and sometime with clients. I don’t remember if I was alone or with someone for this particular shot. It doesn’t matter.

Mountain goats are found primarily in the North American Rocky Mountains. They are very playful when young and very good parents to their children. Their main problem in life is humans. They stay at high altitude for the most part and are fearless when moving through the rocks.

This photo was taken a dawn, just below the summit of Mount Evans at about 14,000 feet.

If you’re heading to Colorado this summer and need a knowledgeable photographer to show you the good stuff, keep me in mind.

The Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River

Photograph of the Yellowstone River's lower falls.
The lower falls of the Yellowstone River in Yellowstone National Park

The view from Artist’s Point in Yellowstone National Park.

What you are seeing are the lower falls of the Yellowstone River.

I’ve been nibbling away at updating my stock photography lately and have reached another milestone of over 1,900 stock photograph. My goal this year to to have at least 2,000 images up with my online agencies. Almost there.


Life With Doobie, an African Hunting Dog Puppy

Doobie’s Bone Pile

Doobie gathers logs from the firewood and creates a bone-pile in our back yard. At 8 months of age, he has slowly increased the size of the simulated bones.

If he were in Africa amongst his pack, this would probably be where the carcass of a gazelle or something was laying half eaten.

Doobie Adds to the Pile

As you can see, he’s finding the good stuff in the firewood. He will carry a log as heavy as he can manage. I’ve seen him drag them from time to time.

Doobie’s Previous Pile of Bones

We try to keep Doobie’s bone-pile picked up. We don’t want him chewing on the sticks but it’s almost impossible to stop.  We hope to teach him to bring this stuff to us for the fireplace.

It’s hit and miss at the moment.

Trending on Saturday

Work continues on the updates to the web page.  I’ve added a few photographs to the site in the form of a slide show.  About a dozen shots taken throughout the year in 2017. I’ll probably create a few more of these to document the highlights of the past 10 years as well as the years to come.

You can view the slide show here.  2017 Photographs Slideshow

Here’s the inventory of my web pages for those of you interested…

Gray Photography Web Site (this is my main business web page)

Colorado Photo Tours Web Site (information on photo tours I’ll be conducting throughout the year)

Image Colorado (my photography blog and general goofing off site where I post articles and blog)

I’m also maintaining profiles on Facebook, Google + and Twitter, but you won’t find much activity on Google and Twitter as I just don’t use them very often.