The Hawaiian Islands Will Have to Suffice

Tropical Scene From The Northwest Shore of Maui, Hawaii

Each year, June is the month I spend a lot of time fixing everything that broke over the winter. I don’t know exactly why, I can only speculate, but since I was a young electronics technician in the Navy, it seems that the highest rates of equipment failure always occurred in June.  This year was no exception for me.

I’ve finally cleared the table of most of my private maintenance issues, with only my home spa remaining to be fixed, but it’s on the schedule and should be resolved soon.  The electronic thermostat in my home Heat/AC unit went down. Not a major problem to fix, but again I had to order the replacement part and am now awaiting for it to arrive.  Fortunately, I can still cool the house, I just don’t have the ability to alter the program or make changes to the system.

Once I get everything back on the track, I’m looking forward to enjoying some time in the mountains and we’re actually talking about making a trip to Hawaii later this year.

This week’s “Scenic Saturday” photograph is from Maui.

For now, photos of my previous visits to the Hawaiian Islands will have to suffice.



Daydreaming of Hawaii

The dead of Winter here in Denver, I’ve been sitting in the office working on travel photographs.

I’ve been to the Hawaiian Islands several times over the years. I’ve photographed a wedding on Waikiki Beach, I’ve flown over the islands in a helicopter, I’ve been on whale watching boats. I still can’t get enough of Hawaii.

Here are a few photos from my years of Hawaiian travel.

Hope you enjoy the day-dream as much as I do.

Waikiki Beach, Diamond Head and a Rainbow. Oahu.
Lava Fields With a Distant Ocean and Clear Blue Sky. Kauai, Hawaii
Beautiful Pacific Ocean sandy beach with footprints.
Waimea Canyon, on the West Side of Kauai – The Grand Canyon of the Pacific.”
Island of Kauai, Spouting Horn State Park

Waves splashing against lava rock along the Hawaiian shore.
The Hawaiian Islands are the most remote islands in the world. The beauty of the Hawaiian Islands is unrivaled.
Kauai, Hawaii. The Beautiful Na Pali Coast
Dramatic Scenic Hawaii Landscapes. The Napali Coast of Kauai
Kilauea Point on the Island of Kauai. Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge
Beautiful Tropical Scenes from the Hawaiian Islands
Beautiful Tropical Scenes from the Hawaiian Islands