Feathers Friday

Happy Feathers Friday.

Not much going on here. Like the rest of the country, we’re just holed up in the house here in Denver waiting for the COVID-19 storm to blow through. It could be a while.

In the meantime, I’ve been staying busy in the office. Editing stock photos, getting new stock agencies up to date, cleaning up the PC’s, updating the software.

I updated my DXO Photolab Elite from version 2 to version 3. I’ve always liked this program and the new version is an improvement, mostly on the keywording front. I use this software on the laptop and it’s getting the job done.

I mentioned this in an earlier post but it is worth mentioning again. I’ve been using a open source program for monitor color calibration called DisplayCAL. This is a very good alternative program for monitor calibration if you have any of the current color meters such as Color Munki or Spyder or other common brands. It will do dual monitors and you can run as many copies as you like. I’ve loaded it on the laptop too, and the color matches my desktop PC almost perfectly. Highly recommended.

Not much in the way of photography happening right now. Everything is shut down here and winter weather has brought us another snow storm. I get a chuckle out of the TV news. Any time they mention the month of March, they have to tag on that “March is our snowiest month of the year.” Well, I’ve lived here in Colorado since 1987, I have that fact down now.

Was in the process of planning a trip out to Dinosaur National Monument in May but I don’t think that’s going to be happening. With the hotels and restaurants shutting down and other travel issues, it’s not a good idea to invest any time or money on travel at the moment. It’s not going anywhere, I can always pick it up later.

Today’s photo is another one of the shots I got of Sandhill cranes in Monte Vista last week. Feathers Friday. Lots of Sandhill crane photos. It is what it is.

My World On A Friday Afternoon

Mule deer doe watching the sun rise.


This has been a quick week for me, despite having done much of nothing. I managed a mountain goat day trip with my friend Merlin. I took a one camera one lens combo this trip. The Nikon D7200 with the 70-200 f/4 VR. It took a bit to get used to it, as I seldom shoot with the D7200, despite the fact that it’s a pretty good small DSLR. It worked out fine.

In my slack time, which has been most anytime, I’ve been consolidating my photography articles to the Image Colorado Blog. The WordPress blog is slowly taking shape and I’m certain that by the end of this year it will begin to be my main entry point into the internet for things I like to blither about. Facebook is a hard habit to break, as a lot of folks follow me there.

I have republished one of my articles, A Primer for Achieving Sharp Focus With Telephoto Lenses.

I’ll keep pecking at it.

Doobie and I are bachelors this weekend. Trudy is in Red Feathers with her mother. I’m pretty boring to Doobie. There is a routine to our co-existence. We have a large yard so I make it a point to get him at least 30 minutes of high intensity running around like a crazy dog activity each day. All I have to do is go sit in the shade of a tree and watch. Doobie does all the work. He’s a heck of a dog. Nothing like sitting in the Summer shade with a Doobie.

One thing I hate about bachelor days is how I eat. I don’t cook for myself unless it’s a very simple and unhealthy meal. I don’t eat fast food either. That’s on my list of things to quit doing. I’m 95% successful, and it’s really a question of my self discipline. I have none.

I managed to get a half dozen stock photos up yesterday, taken on my singular photo day this past week. I’ve got a little print making to do sometime this weekend. That’s good, the printer has been idle for a few weeks.

Today’s photo is an old shot. I think I took it with a Canon EOS 5D and a Sigma 105mm Macro Lens. Yeah, a wildlife shot with a macro lens. It was early in the morning and a friend and I were walking over the ridge on Mt. Falcon to get wildflower shots. Thus the macro lens. As we peaked the ridge a group of mule deer ran in front of us in a line. It was a perfect setup and I just raised the camera and framed each of them as they passed through. I liked this one for the deer stopping long enough to look back in the direction of the sun. One of my personal favorites as it was totally by surprise and I had less than 5 seconds to get it all with no warning. The old Sigma 105mm EX DG Macro is a discontinued lens now, but without a doubt one of the best macro/prime/telephotos optically that I’ve ever seen. Sigma replaced it with an image stabilized version and ruined it. Good luck looking for a used copy, as people who have them don’t want to let them go. When they do come up, they aren’t cheap. They were less expensive brand new.

That about sums up my word on a Friday afternoon.