The Way it Was

Photography by Gary Gray
Harris 11 meter C-Band Satellite Dish

The way it was…

I was digging through a catalog from 2004 to find a particular image for the blog when I ran across this image. It caused me to pause and reflect, so I’ll share that today.

I began my professional life as an Earth Station Engineer. Meaning I went to military school, college and worked in Satellite Communications ground stations for most of my adult life.

My radio station was always on the air. We didn’t make mistakes.

This photo was taken a couple of years before I retired from the WSJ. It was the last time I painted our satellite dish. It was the near the end of my professional career in Radio & Satellite Communications, but not the end of my involvement.

My wife, Trudy, recently retired from her job as a Space Systems Engineer for Lockheed and I was lucky enough to revisit my previous field through her in the time since my retirement. It’s nice to have things in common with the love of your life.

These days, this is all a memory my wife and I can now enjoy. I am proud of what I learned and did for most of my life and this shot reminded me of that.

These days, We’re drifting on our inner tubes into the great sea of retirement. All of this technical stuff is long gone and some other company now owns that property. I heard they bought the old building for 3.5 million.