April Fools

Photography by Gary Gray
Doobie And His Stick

Happy Sunday, Happy Easter, Happy April Fools Day.

Did I miss anything?

Yeah.  April Fools Day awareness.

Trudy is the Queen of April Fool jokers.

I thought I’d get her first this morning. Aiming for the right benign moment to lull her using her own type A personality traits. I went to the front door to open it for the day and just sorta blurted out. “Someone’s parked in our driveway.”  I unlocked the door and walked outside into the empty driveway and waited for her to appear at the front door.

She was on to me when I first opened my mouth. A swing and a miss.

Two hours later

I’m in the kitchen sorting my weekly pill container (old folks favorite pastime) when Trudy comes bolting through the back porch door with a horrified look on her face.

“Dooby caught the rabbit, Doobie caught the rabbit, oh my God.” She runs to the cupboard to get a trash bag and starts looking at me like she was going to cry.

I’m sitting there and now thinking…

“Great, now I have to go out and finish off the mangled Easter Bunny on Easter morning”

I rose from my chair and started out the door. I did not notice at first but it occurred to me, Doobie was right behind me following me outside. He wasn’t the least bit excited, just following me. I’ve been had.

The last thing I heard before the porch door closed was…

“April Fools”