Health Issues

From time to time I bump in to people around Colorado from photography clubs or groups I once participated in. These meetings usually result in brief greeting and an exchange of niceties and I often end up having to explain why I don’t do much club activity these days.

Mostly, I quit doing photography clubs a few years back when I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis. It wasn’t the diagnosis that made me stop going, it was the pain and inconvenience of not knowing when I’d flare up, but also a result of my personal embarrassment and insecurity about putting my disease on public display.

It turns out, I’ve had the disease most of my life and never knew about it. I never paid attention to the rashes, they never seemed to be a problem and I thought they were dry skin spots. The joint pain, I  blew off as normal workout pain after physical activity.

Fast forward to today. I’m doing quite well and have been receiving treatment for several years now and I  have an enjoyable life in photography. I’ve to deal with the disease in the process and learned how to cope with the problems it causes on a daily basis.

The only reason I’m bring this out now is that I’m tired of giving vague answers to questions and I’m tired of wasting time on things that aren’t important.

So, for any past camera club friends wondering, this is why you haven’t been seeing me. I’ve been dealing with this and other health matters and the camera clubs are not on my radar.

I admire this young lady for telling her story. I think we all look for confirmation and to know you are not alone in your private struggles is reassuring.

Psoriatic Arthritis. A Patients Story