Wildlife Wednesday

Photograph of a Bison - Image Colorado
American Bison In Snow Covered Prairie Grass in Colorado

Bison are an interesting subject. Are they wild animals or are they livestock?

There are a lot of bison herds around the country and none of them are truly wild, though they do have very large areas to roam freely. Most of the bison in the US are treated as livestock though. I consider the genetically pure herds to qualify as wildlife, as they aren’t used for commercial food processing. Still, some of those herds are managed the same way livestock is managed.

I remember many years ago living near Chicago, there was a place called Fermilab National Accelerator Laboratory, west of Chicago. I drove by it every day to/from work. They had a few bison running around on the grounds there and I recall taking the kids over to look at them through the fence. Don’t know if that’s still the case though.