I At Least Have A Starting Point For 4k


I’ve been toying with 4k video editing and discovered, to my amazement, that my iPhone 8 is capable of doing 4k video at either 30 fps or 60 fps.

My video recording options are improving. Both of my Nikon’s, the D750 and D810 are capable of recording HD video up to 60 fps, plus I have a Sony RX-100 II which actually makes a mean HD video at 60 fps. Plus, I have a Sony HD camcorder that records HD video at 30 fps, but it’s kind of obsolete as it was purchased 12 years ago when HD was first coming out.

The question though; is 4k video that important that I need to invest in a good 4k video camera? I haven’t reached the point where I want to drop money on that option, as most of my video is HD and plays quite well on the computer or on my HD televisions. I do have a Sharp 4k television, but it’s limited to 30 fps playback. I haven’t even tried playing a 4k video on it yet.

In all honesty, 4k has outstanding resolution but the need for it is limited. I know that 4k stock video is more in demand than HD stock video, but I’m not at the point where I’m going to augment my stock sales with video.

Here’s a clip I took at 4k, 30 fps and uploaded to YouTube. YouTube seems to handle it okay. It gives you an idea of the video quality from an iPhone 8, which is actually quite good from my view of the road. As I move forward into doing more video, which I’m definitely going to be doing, I at least have a starting point for 4k.