Subject Matter

Stunt Plane Performing at an Airshow in Cheyenne, Wyoming

I’m cruising through December as though it were a calm bay at sunset. Euphemisms for life and living and loving. Trudy has been cleared by her surgeon and is officially recovered so we can resume our regularly scheduled programming.

What would be my regularly scheduled program right now anyway?

Most years, this is the season for heading over to Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR for deer and bison photographs, perhaps a landscape image or two. A coyote or hawk thrown in for good measure. Or, I might be in the mountains photographing bighorn sheep, but lets face it. I have 10,000 photos of all that, so my enthusiasm to rack up more of the same has waned to some degree. The fact is, I haven’t picked up a camera for serious photography since the first week of October. All in all, I’m enjoying the photography down time.

Not that I’m bored with photography, I’m just bored with the same old subjects and I need to find a new groove. Part of that new groove is going to involve shooting more video, and I’ve been writing somewhat about that in my recent blog posts.

But video of what? That’s the question I’m still contemplating.

I’d like to start selling video as stock, but I have a little more learning and understanding to do. I don’t want to just throw noodles at the wall and hope they stick. Winter is the time to learn it and I’m getting a fairly good grip on what type of equipment I’ll be needing. For the most part, I already have the gear. Just need to break on through the holidays and find the open water of the new year. No rush, no sense of urgency, just a sense that I’m tired of repetitive photographic pursuits.

Looking over my stock photo sales from 2019, I’ve had a good year. About equal to 2018, but there is the rub. I don’t want to stay equal, I want to sell more stock and what was hot last year isn’t hot this year.

I guess a good starting point would be to analyze the current sales and see what photos are selling better, so that’s what I’ll spend a few weeks doing. Going over the sales, taking stock of the stock so to speak. I already have a few clues, as certain photographs seem to be generating more interest than others, and they aren’t the same shots as this time last year. What’s hot this year won’t be hot next year.

I can’t afford to stay complacent with my subject matter.