Still Frozen

Red-tailed hawk hunting for prey on the high plains of Colorado.

I made a trip out today to reconnoiter the local lakes, all of which turned out to still be mostly frozen. I need to fill in some gaps in the bird catalog with a few different species of ducks and such, but there wasn’t much of that going to happen. I also walked about a mile along the South Platte River near Littleton, and what few waterfowl were there were at a distance and not excited about me being near them. The only interesting thing along the river was my chat with a guy hiking in to go fishing. I used to fish the lakes at South Platte Park many years ago. It was a favorite place to take the kids when they were youngsters. I caught some mongo-huge mackinaw trout in those lakes too. If I were still into fishing, I’d probably be better served to go drop a line in the water than lugging around camera gear at frozen lakes. That would require me getting a fishing license though, and I haven’t had a fishing license in over 15 years. Don’t need one in Red Feather Lakes, as all the lakes are private.

Still, a worthy trip though. The weather was mostly clear and in the mid-50’s. A welcome break from the frozen world of January here in Colorado. And, I needed the exercise.

Since I have no photos from the day, here’s a photo of a red-tailed hawk taken on this very same day in 2017.

Old photos are what you get when it’s still frozen.