Searching For The Big One

Photograph of a moose in Colorado
Scouting for moose.

Moose scouting has begun in earnest.

Found a group of four bulls munching away in a field of willows yesterday afternoon.

Not much action but I did manage a few good reference photos that give a clear look at antler and fur development for this time of year.

I look at moose photography as an alternative to fishing. After spending most of my life in quest for the perfect fishing spots, I’ve converted my activity to searching for the moose. I like to eat fish, I really do. But to be honest, trout are the mainstay here in Colorado and they aren’t my favorite. Plus, I end up killing more fish than I eat, which to me isn’t something I want to do.

I’ve been told that moose meat is very good eating too. I’ve never had it and I never will.

I’ve lost my taste for killing things for the sake of entertainment. These days, my camera is my fishing pole and moose are strictly catch and release for me. I still get up before the sun, lug my gear to my favorite moose spot and begin searching for the big one.