Scenic Saturday

The scenic beauty of Colorado and the Rocky Mountains.

There are certain techniques to getting what is called a “veiled” water photograph such as today’s. The image is taken with a long exposure, which averages out the light coming off the moving water. To achieve that long exposure it normally requires a neutral density filter to reduce the overall light in the scene, therefore allowing you to expose for several seconds in conditions that would normally be too bright.

I’ve found the sweet spot for getting this cotton look to flowing water to be around 3-7 seconds. Anything longer and the water starts looking too fuzzy and if the exposure time is too short, the look of the flow gets to be a little too frazzled.

One can always just expose normally and try to freeze the flowing water, giving a nice crispy look, but that technique doesn’t introduce much of an abstract element to the photograph. Different strokes for different folks.

Personally, I like to introduce the abstract nature of things in to my photos when possible.

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