Poorly Lit Spot in My Brain

Photograph of a moose cow and calf Wild Shiras Moose Calf and Cow In Colorado

One of the local photographers, Dawn Wilson, showed one of her moose touching noses photos on my Facebook Group, North American Nature, Wildlife & Landscape Photographers Association.

It struck a cord in me as this is one of the types of behavior shots you always look for. I have a few photographs of this action but I take them at infrequent intervals.

It’s not often one gets to see this and even then it’s not always in conditions where a nice photo can be taken. It shows up unannounced and lasts for only a few seconds. One’s brain must stay in gear as well.

I managed this shot earlier this week and realized that my brain cells worked a bit more in concert regarding watching and waiting for it to possibly occur.

So, I have to thank Dawn for flipping on the lights in a poorly lit spot in my brain.