Photography on the Internet is Dying a Slow Death

The news of the demise of the photography related website Imaging Resource was reported by DPReview this past Friday morning.

I’m sad to hear this. The few remaining photography related websites still operating on the Internet have morphed into click-bait, fanboy, sales machines for large consumer retailers and meaningful or interesting information regarding photography as an art has more or less dried up.

I’ve been self publishing my photography articles, stories and opinions since 2007. I intend to keep publishing my blog and will never resort to being a commercial advertising venue for Amazon or B&H or Adorama.

I prefer to write about my adventures in photography and that will be my driving motivation into the future. My readership is steady but not heavy. My typical demographic is people over the age of 50 and dwelling on childish topics isn’t my forte. I derive ZERO income from my blog other than incidental sales of prints and redirects to my stock photography catalogs.

I’m in it for the passion, not for the money.