Pending Approval

Mallard Drake and Hen Wading in a Stream Near a Rock

I’m back to my normal office routine for a few days. This time of year, I typically wait for shifting weather patterns before planning a photography outing. I like to get out before or after a snow storm as the clouds and general environment tend to add to the esthetics of wildlife photography.

While I wait, I sift through my catalogs for stock photos. I have enough material to keep me busy for a couple of years.

What I normally look for is nicely lit, sharp images of animals and such that I’ve skipped over on my first reviews. I tend to take my photo editing in stages. Find the standout photos first, develop them and then move them out into circulation as soon as possible. When one has catalogs that contain 10,000 or more photographs, it’s quite easy to glide on by good shots so for me, re-examining these catalogs is like going through the couch cushions looking for loose change. I have lots of loose change in those couch cushions too. These little hidden gems are plentiful and it’s a great way for an old guy like me to turn them into coffee cans full of quarters.

Here’s a shot from 2013. I was working along Clear Creek near the Coors brewery in Golden, Colorado for a few days. Lots of waterfowl along the creek, I managed quite a few usable photos of ducks and other birds.

Mallards are probably the most common waterfowl to find in these parts and as such they tend to be a little less exciting to photograph. But, one thing I’ve learned is that any nice photo of wildlife is a potential earner as buyers aren’t interested in my subject selection bias, they are simply looking for a good photo of something they need.

Before I kick the bucket, this photo could earn me a hundred bucks or so.

I uploaded this image and several others to the Stock agencies this morning.

It’s pending approval.