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Winter? What Winter?

February in Denver and this may be the most unexciting Winter I’ve had in many years. Spent the day today in the office editing images for stock, which makes money but it doesn’t make images. I’m itching to get out.

Trudy has to make the run across the mountains to Grand Junction later this week to visit with her uncle who has fallen ill. I-70 in the Rocky Mountains is a game of dodge the snow storms. Looks like she has a window to get there and back without getting caught in it.

I’m planning my photographic projects for the year. Still a lot of unanswered questions regarding who, what, when and where, but I have a general idea what I’ll be doing.

I’ll be moving some of the photo catalogs I have on Facebook to this web site. For those of you not familiar, I’ve generated quite a collection of nature and wildlife photos from around Colorado and I hope you’ll enjoy seeing them when I get them up for viewing.

The Blog

I’ve decided to migrate away from Facebook for blogging about my adventures in photography, life and whatever. Migrating a lot of that stuff to this web site.  It’s all a part of my master plan to move away from things that don’t work and move towards things that do. I’ve concluded that Facebook doesn’t really serve me in any way other than to waste my time with distractions.

So here it is.  The Blog.

Look for more commentary in the near future. I’ll share some photos too. Only here, it looks the way I want it to look and this is an advertising free zone.

Who knows, I may even have a guest blogger from time to time.

Call For Submissions

Call for submissions.

Image Colorado is looking for photography related articles from writers and photographers.

We hope to feature other photographer’s works and words on this web site going forward.

If you are interested, please contact me.

My intention is to enhance the utility of this site for Colorado photographers as a resource and provide an interesting read for the world.

I have no profit motive here.  No advertising. No promotions. I will, however, give all contributors their own page to promote their own photography.

Quid Pro Quo

Looking forward to what the new year brings.