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Sandhill Cranes during the Spring migration in Monte Vista, Colorado.

A nice two day R&R, yet I can’t seem to ignore the computer.

I reloaded my computer a few months ago and I never loaded my monitor calibration software. I saved the color profiles before I did the upgrade and have been running on those since. The problem is, they weren’t accurate. I have two monitors and getting the color to match between them can be tedious.

I’ve been using the DataColor Spyder4 for quite some time now. I couldn’t get it to load and do anything. My suspicion is it is either a) discontinued by the manufacturer and no longer supported. Or b) the software isn’t compatible with my new video card. Or c) both.

I searched the current market offerings and realized the price had doubled from when I last bought one. I was almost ready to buy the new version when I saw a post on one of the internet forums about the freeware, open source program called DisplayCAL, and the general line of comment was that it was really good software for calibrating your monitors. I downloaded the software and it installed and ran perfectly on each monitor without have to jump through any hoops. The actual calibration profiling takes a little time, longer than an hour. But, the end result is that both of my monitors are damn near identical with the color curve.

I recommend you check it out, particularly if you have a situation similar to mine where you have a colorometer sensor but the software doesn’t get it done. DisplayCAL recognized my old Spyder4 sensor and ran flawlessly.

There’s always some type of maintenance to do. If it’s not a car, it’s the house, or it’s the yard, or you get the point… I tend to neglect the computer. I guess my head isn’t there like it used to be, it’s just a tool.

It’s nice to sit at the computer and write though. I begin a lot of different things and then drop them if I don’t finish them up in a few days. Things often seem interesting until I discover they aren’t. My favorite groove is to write it as I think of it. Spontaneous, like an epiphany, or something goofy like that.

No matter, I’m caught up and it’s time for the next chapter.

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