New Shtick – Hat of the Month

Many of the literary hooks I’ve developed over the years have been incorporated here into my blog. For those of you who’ve followed me on Facebook, you’ll know them instantly when you see them.

For example. For ten years, I did a regular Facebook post called “Today’s Words of Wisdom.” It’s alive and well, though not on Facebook. Just look at the right hand side of my blog and you’ll see I’ve carried on the tradition, only in a different setting.

From time to time I’ll also try new Shtick.

I’ve been playing with a hook whereas I use the last few words of the article to title the piece. I remember learning about that little trick in a college “writing & rhetoric” course. I’d never seen it used effectively until I stumbled upon a photographer’s blog (The Sole Proprietor’s Journal) by Bob Follett of Oakland. I recommend giving Bob a read. He’s a good writer and a very good street photographer.  Bob has used this writing hook in his blog for many years and I’ve decided to adopt the technique myself from time to time. It makes coming up with a title for your article a lot simpler.

I’m initiating new shtick. It’s call “Hat of the Month”

Those who know me know that I always wear a baseball cap. I have dozens of them, and looking through them I’ve discovered that they represent many different eras and aspects of my life.

So, this April’s hat of the month.  St. Augustine, Florida.

My wife and I did a tourist trip to St. Augustine a few years ago and I bought this ball cap. I’ve worn it maybe a half dozen times since. This month, it gets dirty.

This will be my hat through April.

Yeah, it’s all silly, but hey.

A fella has to come up with new shtick from time to time.

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