Moose Monday

Moose in Colorado. Image by Gary Gray. Image Colorado
Bull Moose munching lake grass in Northern Colorado

Happy Moose Monday.

I’ve had this tradition of posting a moose photograph every Monday for about 5 years or so. It’s not going to end soon either. The real trick is to find an image that hasn’t been show. I don’t keep track of that, I just look at what has been already uploaded to my blog media folder and try not to replicate anything already in there.

I’ve been chomping away at getting new stock agencies online. Lots of work in Adobe Lightroom, lots of Filezilla FTP uploads, and as usual some agencies are more problematic than others. Life in the fast lane. I’m making headway.

The other positive in working with the new stock catalogs is that it gives me a more defined workflow, which in turn gives me more ideas for video tutorials. Once I get the stock stuff all copacetic, I’ll start working on new video tutorials.

In the meantime, keep the faith and don’t poke your eye out.

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