Moose Monday

Moose Monday. Photograph of moose in a lake. Image Colorado.
Moose gathering in a northern Colorado lake at sunrise.

Happy Moose Monday!

February isn’t the best month of the year for photographing moose. As a matter of fact it is pretty much a useless month. The moose have dropped their antlers, the lakes are all frozen and where they live is fairly difficult to get to unless you own a helicopter.

That leaves me with having to dig through the archives while I dream of warmer days.

Here’s a quick little photography hint for you landscape and wildlife photographers.

If you take a photography class or attend a workshop, the instructor will probably remind you that your camera will work just fine if you orient it in the portrait perspective. You know, narrow left-right, taller top-bottom. I’ve pointed this out myself many times to students.

Here’s a little fact though. If you are trying to sell your photos, images orientated in a landscape perspective sell better by at least 10 to 1. I sell occasional portrait framed images (like today’s photo), but over 90% of the images I sell are wider rather than taller.

I still do those portrait aspect compositions though. They are better for magazine and book sales, which aren’t really a staple of my work, but it’s always a good idea to cover all your bases.

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