Moose Monday

Photograph of a moose in Colorado
Shiras bull moose moving through a field in Northern Colorado..

It’s Moose Monday!

Taken in July of 2017, this particular moose seems to like the area where this photo was taken. I’ve seen him around several years in a row. Notice the mutant antler. I think their antlers grow back each year with the same basic configuration they had in previous years. The true test of this theory is to compare dewlaps, that flap of furry skin that hangs from their neck. If the mutation of the antler and the dewlap matches, it’s a good guess that it could be the same moose from an earlier outing or year.

I’m heading back to Red Feathers this coming weekend to scout a few new areas. As with every May, the weather is seldom good in Northern Colorado. Rain, snow, wind, thunder, lightning. It’s trips like this upcoming one that make the Moose Creek Cafe in Walden my favorite watering hole and grub stop. Granola bars on a dirt road in the rain doesn’t cut it.

Hunting moose is not for wimps.