Middle Of May

Photograph of a mule deer doe in the woods
Mule deer doe foraging for fresh Spring grass in Red Feather Lakes

Back home after opening up my cabin. We opened up a little earlier than normal this year, mainly to take advantage of the good weather and to allow us wiggle room for upcoming May events, Mother’s Day, graduations, Memorial Day weekend, things like that.

I have a few loose ends to tie up with the cabin. It appears that our hot water heater needs replacing. The old one is over ten years old and has suffered enough. The next trip to the village will be to get that issue resolved.

The wildlife is going strong though. In just a few brief outings near Red Feathers, I’ve already spotted plenty of moose and deer. We have bald eagles in the area along with the normal assortment of hawks and waterfowl.

On the home front, we’ve completed most of our Spring projects and I’ve actually mowed the lawn twice to keep up with the rapidly greening grass and blooming trees.

Winter’s grasp has loosened and I’m looking forward to sharing my upcoming adventures in photography from the edge of the map.

Stay healthy and happy.