May The Moose Be With You

Bull Moose Feeding on Lake Grass

Winter’s last gasps are upon us.  My back is improving to the point where I can contemplate actually doing things that don’t involve a television remote control. Life is renewing itself.

I’ve been reading the photography websites (nothing better to do while laid up) and the subject of Adobe Creative Cloud keeps popping up.

Seems like Adobe is testing a new subscription plan for their Lightroom/Photoshop service.  Currently priced at $10 per month, they are testing raising the price to $20 per month. They are also “testing” a $10 per month plan that removes Photoshop from the package. The new offerings up the online storage to 1 terabyte. You can read more about the Adobe Creative Cloud plan changes here.

I don’t know about everyone else but I don’t need 1 terabyte of online storage. I have at least 30 terabytes of storage here in the office.  I’m skeptical about the “testing” explanation. It looks to me more like another change of service designed to squeeze more money out of their customers. It’s not really offering anything new in the software department, it’s just a 100% price increase in their existing offering.

Last year Adobe offered me a free one year subscription to the Creative Cloud plan that included Lightroom and Photoshop, their $10 a month plan. My free run expires in the next month or so. By that time I’ll have to pay for the previous year retroactively if I continue.

I have the cure. I’m reverting back to my stand-alone copies of Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Adobe Lightroom 6.14.  This gets me back to 2015 functionality with Adobe Raw editing, which is fine at the moment as I have no cameras in my kit newer than that. All I’ll loose is a dehaze tool and some minor changes to Photoshop. Since I’m running DXO Photo Lab for noise reduction, the ability to put a dehaze function on an image will not be lost, I’ll just do it in DXO Photolab instead, which is what I was doing prior to switching to Creative Cloud.  It was nice to get a free test of their latest versions of the software, but it’s not worth paying $240 a year to have, when I have 99% of that functionality for $0. I honestly think Adobe wants to drive their long term customers away.  With the improvements in alternative photo editing solutions, it’s only a matter of time before they shoot both their feet, and hands with the pistol of greed.  Minor updates take years to occur and price hikes seem to be more frequent.  Paying more for less is not part of my business plan.

Enough griping about Adobe.

The back is well enough that I can make a day trip to Wyoming on the 4th of May to photograph the “Big Boy” and #844 Union Pacific Steam Locomotives on their way to Ogden, Utah from Cheyenne, Wyoming.  The train is going to be moving through about 20 miles from my cabin in Red Feathers, so it’s a good time to get up there and open the cabin for the year as well.

May is also the month I begin looking for moose, so the moose photography season is officially underway.

May the moose be with you.