I’ve Always Been In To It.

Black Friday.  The winter storm has moved on to the East, but it is still cold and snowy here in Denver. The final total for our place was 13.5 inches, as I measured in multiple locations around the yard. Not the heaviest snow we’ve ever had, but for November it’s a little unusual.

We made it through Turkey Day, not without challenge. I got little sleep the night before and spent the day dealing with some type of stomach virus. Ended up spending most of the day taking care of that and lying in bed. It was bad enough that I didn’t go to the Thanksgiving dinner with the rest of the family. Trudy’s daughter-in-law was kind enough to send a plate of food home for me.

I did manage to get a few more of Trudy’s home video tapes converted to digital. I’m about 1/3 of the way through that process. Images from her life before knowing me. An interesting retrospective. Myself, I have very few photos and virtually no video from my life before Trudy. What little I do have were gifts from family members, photos taken by others in a time long ago and far away.

Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays kinda get in to me that way. I start thinking about the old days, the good times, the not so good times, and if I haven’t reconciled everything that’s passed by now, well, life is about living and having learned something in the process. With my 62nd birthday approaching, I realize that most of my living has been done. It’s fun to delve into Trudy’s past and it helps keep things in perspective to realize that our lives have many things in common.

As for the video editing. I’m finding this to be mildly precarious, all this video capture and different software. I never know when the software is going to crash and it does from time to time. Not enough hassle to keep me from getting it done, but video editing on a PC isn’t always pretty. What really strikes me is the difference in quality between a VHS video tape and a modern HD video camera. Even more striking are the old Super 8 home movies I do have on VHS. I did a lot of Super 8 film back in the 70’s, which has somehow managed to survive the efforts of others to relieve me of them. I’ll get a clip or two up soon to share. Me and my childhood friends doing goofy stuff on film. Takes me back to the beginning of my learning photography.

I’ve always been in to it.