I’ve Always Been a Dreamer

Shiras Moose of the Colorado Rocky Mountains

Autumn is beginning in the high country of Colorado.

I’ve just returned from what will probably be my last major effort at moose photography this Summer. A very good Summer indeed.

For those who live at lower altitudes the change of seasons probably isn’t apparent, however, working at 10,000 feet in Northern Colorado, fall is fully underway and the moose rut has started. The bulls should be shedding the velvet from their antlers this next week. The cows with calves will be moving to their safest areas and the unattached cows are already hanging out with the bachelor bulls.

This cow and calf were quite elusive. She did everything she could to avoid my camera, weaving in and out of the woods as she took her child to some unknown destination in the forest along a creek. I was lucky enough to find her in an small opening as she came over a hill. Moments later, she and her calf were safely out of sight.

As I wind down from this year’s moose photography, I’ll be sharing more of my summer experience. I get 3 months a year to do this type of work and I never take it for granted. I’ll spend this winter dreaming of the next moose photograph.

I’ve always been a dreamer.