It’s Worth The Price

Yellow -headed Blackbird by Gary Gray
Yellow -headed Blackbird

Feathered Friday.

Still not much happening with my photography these days, so I’ll share some older stuff until the new stuff arrives.

There is a area near Walden, Colorado where these Yellow-headed blackbirds often gather. They are not easily spooked and make good photographic subjects. I think they are lovely and enjoy finding them.

Things are beginning to green up here in Colorado, at least below 6,000 feet. It will be another month before the high country sees what we have down here in Denver.

This is the time of year we do out house repairs and we just finished installing a very long stretch of privacy fence. Once I get through with the maintenance stuff, I’ll be heading up north to get the cabin opened for the season. The cabin can be hit and miss. About half the time we have a plumbing problem with the water pipes. Winter runs long and is harsh in the Laramie Mountains of Northern, Colorado. It’s worth the price.