It’s A Beautiful Day

Photograph of mountain goats
Mother and Child Watch The Colorado Sunrise at 14,000 Feet

I think the term “New Old Stock” applies here. This is a never before edited or shown photograph from 2017.

Mountain goats can be found on a number of Colorado’s mountain peaks and the most notable is Mt. Evans, about 50 miles west of Denver. It’s a prominent peak seen along the front range near Denver.

I normally try to get up the mountain in mid June through July when the opportunities present themselves. Sometimes alone, sometimes with friends and sometime with clients. I don’t remember if I was alone or with someone for this particular shot. It doesn’t matter.

Mountain goats are found primarily in the North American Rocky Mountains. They are very playful when young and very good parents to their children. Their main problem in life is humans. They stay at high altitude for the most part and are fearless when moving through the rocks.

This photo was taken a dawn, just below the summit of Mount Evans at about 14,000 feet.

If you’re heading to Colorado this summer and need a knowledgeable photographer to show you the good stuff, keep me in mind.