In Another Dimension

Cow Moose With Calf
Cow Moose With Calf.


Kicking back today with more stock photo editing and listening to Classical Music on the internet on the Italian station. Can’t understand a word they are saying but who cares. The music speaks to me. There’s something about classical that keeps the mind focused. I’ve always enjoyed it, particularly Baroque. Vivaldi and Bernini are simply sublime. If I could only have one album to listen to over and over, it would be Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

Don’t need no stink’n Hip Hop, though Bebop will suffice quite nicely.

Classic Rock… Well I listen to it when on the road or at the cabin. I don’t think I need to hear Stairway to Heaven again though.

Country music is consumer music for the masses. I could care less about someone getting BBQ sauce on their white tee-shirt but Bluegrass is worth twice the price of admission. I generally avoid mainstream Country though.

Jazz. Really nice, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, that kind of Jazz. Kenny G can jump off a bridge and take his sax with him.

Blues. That’s what I’m talking about. The best American music is black music but some of the white guys have got the groove. Particularly Englishmen playing American Black Blues, ie Delta Blues. The English are more refined as musicians, but it’s still runner up to the originals. Ry Cooder, the best American white guy doing it I think.

New Wave (extinct now) sucked.

Electronic. (extinct now) was okay from some performers but excess and cross breeding ruined it. Walter/Wendy Carlos. Isao Tomita, pretty darn good but both died a few years ago.

Tangerine Dream, in another dimension.