I Can’t Be Wasting Time Fishing

Work continues here in the office studio.

I’ve been gathering the tools I need to edit and create videos, primarily for creating tutorials on photo editing, but I do need to be able to make movies from the tons of home video I’ve created over the years, so a decent, low budget video editor is going to be needed.

Back in the day when I was a wedding photographer, I created a number of videos for clients. Almost all of that work was done on a Mac Pro using iMovie. Those days are gone, and so is the old Mac Pro. I’ll be starting all over again, though not without some knowledge of the subject and basic skills with editing techniques.

After doing a little research I’ve decided to use a program called “Lightworks“, a free and powerful video editor. This is a low budget operation, so free is the order of the day. But, my initial impression is that Lightworks is quite powerful and chock full of editing capability. It supports 4k video as well, which I’m sure I’ll eventually be moving to when I update the video camera. One has to start somewhere. Perhaps some day I’ll upgrade to something else.

The hardest part of all this is getting motivated to really get in to it. About 25 years ago, I decided to learn how to compose and create electronic music. I bought a nice keyboard/synthesizer and using a PC with a Midi connection and a program called Cakewalk, I wrote and arranged about 30 songs. I got into this fairly heavily and created a couple of albums worth of fairly decent electronic acid jazz tracks. The idea being that I’d use that music as background stuff for the video games I was creating. Yeah, I used to write programs for video games too. I actually made some money with the video games. They were written for the old pre-internet Bulletin Boards (BBS), if you can remember the days of dial-up modems. If I can find the same level of motivation for this new adventure, I’ll be making videos with a good production quality. My music and video game writing days are behind me though, relegated to a different era in my life. I’ve no interest in doing any of that these days. Been there, done it. I was pretty good at it.

Life in retirement. My brain needs to stay active so I take on these new technical challenges. I’ve sorta always been that way. I can’t be wasting time fishing.