Happy Scenic Saturday

LaSalle Mountains at Sunrise in Arches National Park Near Moab, Utah.

It’s been a fun week here in Denver. I feel like I’ve come out of hibernation with the good weather and new camera to learn. Funny how it only takes a little bit of motivation to create a big shift in attitude.

Looking forward to my trip next week. Been so devoted to the office and editing photos over the winter, I think I lost sight of what I’m really interested in doing and that’s getting out there with camera in hand and creating new images.

Got a pleasant surprise in the email the other day. Adobe sent me a message that they were giving me a free year of Creative Cloud, a reward for being a top contributor on Adobe Stock. See, there’s more to stock than making a buck, it’s also allowing me to save a buck. I’ve been on Creative Cloud for about 2.5 years now and I’ve only had to pay for about 5 months of it. That’s a savings of over $240 that I didn’t have to fork out for software. What’s the old saying? “If it’s free, I’ll take two”, and two I’ve got. Two years of free Photoshop and Lightroom.

Today’s photo was taken on a trip to Utah a few years ago with my friend Merlin Peck, who passed away this past December. I miss the man and I miss his company and the delightful conversations we shared over the years.

Today’s shot is for you Merlin. You were standing next to me when I took it.

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