Gary’s Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas For Photographers

Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas for Photographers

Every year I try to come up with a list of cheap photography related stuff that would be suitable as a Christmas gift.  Here’s this year’s list.

Looking for stocking stuffers or just on a budget? Any of these items are a worthy gift for your favorite photographer. And, they won’t break the bank.

I’m not promoting Amazon here, but a lot of this stuff is readily available online and Amazon seems to be the easiest place to find most of it.

Tile Stickers. Vendor link.

Useful little gadgets that you stick to things and can locate with your cell phone. Like little homing beacons. Works great on things you use and misplace constantly. Oh, where did I leave my $7,000 camera? $30 for a two pack.

Cell Phone Tripod Mounts. Amazon Link

Really cheap stuff, allows you to put your cell phone on a tripod and get steady shots. Watch those specs though, some won’t fit to an iPhone 11. $20 and less

Light Bulb Video Camera. Amazon Link.

HD video camera that screws into a light bulb socket and works as a light as well. Great for keeping an eye on things without looking like a video camera. Watch the front porch, the dogs, your kids, what ever floats your boat. $50

WaveLink USB Hard Drive Docking Station. Amazon Link.

Very inexpensive method for backing up your computer files. Just buy hard drives and connect them to this and you’ve got a quick and easy way to back up all your computer files. I have one myself and it works great. WaveLink isn’t the only manufacturer either, you can find cheaper versions if you poke around on Amazon or eBay.  $30

Gaffer Tape. Amazon Link.

No photography kit is complete without a roll of Gaffer Tape. Don’t believe me, just ask a real Gaffer. $7

LensPen. Vendor Link.

The standard portable camera cleaning device. Works on lenses and they even make a version that can be used to clean camera sensors. I have a dozen or so of these things, scattered around all my camera bags so I don’t even have to think about rather or not I have one with me. $13