Dusty Ride in a 4×4

The Shafer Trail, near Moab, Utah.

The pace of life has accelerated this past week.

I’ve officially been anointed as a Staff Writer at Fstoppers and my first article is in the works.

The idea of working a real job is slightly disconcerting to me, as I’ve made it a point to answer to nobody the past 14 years. But, the folks I’ve been introduced to all seem a good sort, so I think I can manage the change of pace.

In the meantime, I’ve been getting out shooting a bit more lately. Always a good idea to keep the skills from garnering a layer of rust.

Today’s “Scenic Saturday” image was taken near Moab, Utah several years ago. I’ve actually driven that trail. It’s a fun, if not dusty ride in a 4×4.