Doing a Screen Capture Video – Test Run

I’m playing with the idea of doing video tutorials today.

Here’s a sample video screen capture showing how I organize my image files on the hard drive. There’s no audio, I don’t have a microphone, but I do have one on order.

My basic strategy for organizing thousands of image files is to store them in directories based on subject matter by year. Each directory then contains a sub-directory called “stock photos”, where I store jpg versions of the images that I have submitted to the stock agencies.

There’s more to it than this though. I do most of my organizing in Adobe Lightroom and I’ll be creating more involved tutorials once I get this mapped out and understand the best method of creating them.

For now, I created this video using a freeware program called “ScreenRec” and just saved it in mp4 format. Fairly basic stuff, but I’m liking the software and this is probably what I’ll be using as I move forward.

Something to do on a lazy Monday.