Deer in Colorado

A short while back I began posting small collections of wildlife photos of the different species of animals found in Colorado.

Photography trips and personal life caused me to pause briefly but today I’m picking up where I left off. I’m thinking perhaps once a month as the Winter settles in, I’ll resume the practice.

I’ve been working on deer photos this past week. I’ve got a ton of them and they do sell so here’s a collection I’ve spooned from the bowl. Some of these shots have been published in the past but a few I’ve never shared before.

Colorado has two species of deer, white-tailed and mule deer. The mule deer are the most common that I encounter but the white-tailed can be found almost as easily. One of the great things about Colorado is the variety of wildlife that live within shouting distance of my home.

So, today you get some deer action for your viewing pleasure.


Mule deer doe on a forest road in the rugged Colorado back country.
Mule deer buck on a frosty morning at Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge
Young mule deer doe near Turkey Creek, Colorado
A group of white-tailed deer doe moving through a frosty field at sunrise
Mule Deer Buck, moving through the woods of Northern Colorado
Mule deer fawns nursing their mother
Two mule deer bucks sparing for mating rights
Herd of mule deer having breakfast on a cold, foggy morning.
Mule deer doe watching the sun rise on Mt. Falcon
Deer waking up on a cold winter morning in Colorado
White-tailed buck watching the sunrise
Two young mule deer bucks on a cold, snowy morning